Audio Editing

Have you ever watched a video on Youtube and abandoned the video becuase the sound was terrible? A lot of potential customers have for a lot of unfortunate businesses. We make sure that never happens. Our highly talented and trained sound engineer is a local sound tech professional with all the right tools. Further, we license your music tracks and sound FX so it’s yours forever with no worry. 

I am a mid level audio engineer who uses Adobe Audition to record my own podcast called the RobDiddy Podcast. I am becoming great at finding sound bytes, taking out background noise and also mixing and mastering podcasts. I will edit your unedited podcast or audio files for you with professional attention to detail.

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Sound Splicing

  • Remove unwanted noises
  • Cut out sound drops
  • Cut out and splice video clips
  • Create one file out of several

The above link is me completely out of boredom learning how to auto tune and make a stupid attempt at a Trump remix. I am a dedicated worker who will focus down and get your audio clips mixed exactly how you want them. We can clean up your dialouge, fix the audio on your videos you made with a camera that has a bad mic and so much more.

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