Photography Gainz

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Games Media’s photography section. This section will be dedicated to some of the greatest scaring in state of Michigan and Oakland County and Extractives. After a ton of practice and a ton of mastering video editing, we will now present our journey on learning how to create our own video and photo content. The basis of this is not to give the most glamorous photos of. Models or anything that is  vein. The journey of learning how to do photography and learn how to take better photos and use these to help. Show some of the greatest signs. Up Michigan, and to work on coming paper, photographer and videographer.

The photos that I am taking are from Kensington Metroparks and various areas in Oakland County. Kensington Metroparks is a public. Pay to enter park. Located in Milford and South Lyon, Michigan in Oakland County. It is based around Kensington Lake and its many offset ponds and water flow.  The park is sprawling, the same Lake picks up in many different locations with Hans of different assets. Dictate authors have won a state of Ridge River waterway or the Clinton River Waterway. Either or however. This is some of the best. Waterfowl, AKA birds in animals in our area. The purpose of taking these photos is to learn how to use the Kodak Explorer AZ 528 zoom feature. All the photos in these categories in this catalog were taken with under 200 cameras and not using my cell phone.

The cameras I use are the Kodak Pix Pro AZ528, Fuji Finepix XP130 and Akaso Brave 4. When all else fails I just use my iPhone XR or my first gen iPad Pro.